Dividing by Zero Allowed

Cambridge MA

Another mathematics breakthrough stunned the math world when Professor Lou Snut announced that his team had proved that division by zero was completely consistent with all mathematics principles. “This one of the most important events in the history of mathematics since Euclid’s Elements”, Professor Snut said. “For years mathematics dogma had it that you could divide by any number at all but not zero. Why pick on zero? After all, division by 7 is allowed. So is division by .01, and .005 and .00000034 and .00000000000002. Hey those numbers are almost zero! So why stop there. We decided to go all the way and to find out what happened when you took the plunge and tried to divide by exactly zero. The result is a really big number.” Professor Snut declined to reveal what that number was, asserting that it was too big for a non mathematicians to understand.

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2 Responses to Dividing by Zero Allowed

  1. jesse says:

    ahaa so we can divide by zero… unfortunately the proof is inconsistent, the one mathematician who claims zero is a feasible denominator conveniently refuses to disclose said ‘magic’ number and the proof for this equation. Until I see a more reliable publication, I call bulls**t

  2. fry says:


    Can’t tell if metatrolling or just really, really, stupid.

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